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The first time I saw this guy play the male lead in the modern movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, She’s the Man, I thought, what an attractive fellow. That movie became a favourite that with every repetition made me fancy Channing Tatum even more. In the dance movie Step Up and the genuinely entertaining buddy cop movie 21 Jump Street, he also plays the strong but sensitive guy, which I guess suits him really well since he is just so. darn. attractive. in each one.

Zac Efron has come a long way from the teen bopping first-world-problem ridden Troy Bolton from Disney’s High School Musical. In 17, Again (a middle aged man returns to his teenage self for a second chance in life) and Neighbours (a young family lives next to a fraternity house and chaos ensues) he again plays a charming, popular teenager but with some hints of maturity. Makes sense, since he now looks like this:

Despite the facepalms that faking drops and rolls receive, soccer players are among the most attractive athletes. Watching FIFA in the 2000’s Brazilian player Ricardo Kaka caught my eye, and not just because he was one of the best players on the team. Here he is seen with Sao Paulo FC celebrating a goal or something, and more relevant to this post, looking pretty handsome.

I have been watching Suits, basically a soap of rich and well dressed lawyers, but hey, it’s so good! One of the main characters is Mike Ross, played by (Canadian- yay!) Patrick J Adams, a lucky “good” guy who got a job as a lawyer despite not having gone to law school and who has a legendary eidetic (photographic) memory. Between his confidence of his skills and learning the ropes we see the sensitive and playful sides of the character that ultimately makes Mike Ross very likeable. The actor looks pretty good outside of a suit too.

Ok. Emma Watson is amazingly beautiful. She was adorable in the first Harry Potter movies and since then has grown up to be not only a recognized actress but also a role model for how gracefully she handles the press and stays true to herself amid growing up as a celebrity. She started off the pixie cut trend for women, is definitely intelligent and a natural beauty, and I am very excited to hear she will be playing Belle in the live action rendition of Beauty and the Beast coming out in a couple years!

Day 14: Pictures of five celebrity crushes




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I confess

  1. I have cheated on a boyfriend.
  2. I would kill for money.
  3. The above are lies.


Did I getcha?

Day 13: Three confessions of your choice

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Blog - Postception

Day 12: Screenshot your desktop

Aha! So the post in its pre-post stage captured in a post.


This is the admin page and oh look – I’ve got a like! (Since I check my account about once a day I can usually expect a little notification, of course this habit also decreases my frequency of disappointment of my blog floating around in WordPress limbo all alone and lost…)

The start bar is typical Windows 10 with browsers: Microsoft Edge (a browser that looks super clean but I haven’t had the courage to try yet.), Mozilla Firefox (a favourite that suddenly kept on malfunctioning for online media a few weeks ago), and Google Chrome (which is my preferred browser now). I also have the apps OneNote and Calendar which sync up to my phone and Word, Skype, Store, and Computer folder(? honestly I don’t know what’s that called) just for one click convenience.

I really like tabs. From left to right: some reading I was doing on mental health – specifically motivation for school, the email of a GoDaddy website I am learning to manage, Jackrabbit management software which I’m clicking randomly to fix glitches, Pinterest because you find awesome pictures and links, Sporcle which has fun and educational quizzes – this one being on things older than sliced bread, Facebook because I’m a social butterfly, Youtube playing Nat King Cole on Youtube because it’s never too early for Christmas songs and because I’m musically classy, a link to watching Suits because I’m in an interrupted marathon for a smart, funny, dramatic (maybe too much on the love problems) tv show, and the result of looking up “taco curve” on Wolfram Alpha because a computational knowledge engine knows how to describe a delicious Mexican dish in an equation.

As browser extensions I have AdBlock because I don’t like being told to spend money everywhere I look and Noisli because it generates calming, nature and atmospheric noises for those moment when you need to focus or relax.

That’s it folks.












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A food and a beverage

(I don’t know if it literally means I have to pick ONE specific food or a kind of dish so I’ll do both.)

If I were to live off of one single food with no health repercussions or factor for proper sustenance it would be bananas or leeks. One comes with its own natural packaging and the other always tastes good – boiled, roasted, or stir fried. [The unhealthy me says chocolate cake.]

A dish I could live off of is my dad’s Hainanese chicken rice. Chicken boiled in ginger and salt with rice cooked in the chicken broth and boiled veggies, usually bok choy. It’s warm, delicious, healthy, comforting – and it tastes good cold (That’s always a good way of rating yumminess.)

As for a beverage, water, duh. Or beer (just kidding Mom and Dad!) – actually, orange juice, preferably freshly squeezed.

Day 10: If you could live off one food and one beverage for the rest of your days what would they be?

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Pet peeves

  1. Too many selfies (In case you wondering, yes I do remember what you look like since an hour ago.)
  2. The sound of velcro ( I will have a physical reflex and flail at you.)
  3. When people enter the subway before letting people off (We’re in Canada, we are polite.)
  4. Skype connection problems (50% of the conversation becomes “Can you hear me?” “Oh I can’t see you””Ah you’re frozen” “The lag is really bad””Wait let me call you back.”)
  5. Seeds in seedless mandarins. (An unpleasant surprise.)
  6. You’re the only one in the house and in the washroom when the phone rings and after some awkward rushed feat it turns out being a telemarketer.
  7. Pencils with no eraser on the end.
  8. Misplacing things instead of losing them. (I KNOW it’s here…)
  9. When you’re walking down the street like a boss and the wind blows in the wrong direction so you end up eating your hair. (Vibe killer.)

Day 9: Pet peeves


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3 messages for 3 people

To my biology professor who loves pikas:
I have never laughed so hard from a lecture. I will never forget how cute spherical rodents are.

To a friend I feel I have lost:
I am sorry we parted ways and I miss you. But it’s still your loss.

To the servers at our favourite Chinese restaurant: 
We’ve been loyal customers for years and we know the originals from the new recruits. Things have changed and we wish your food was better.

Day 8: Three things you want to say to different people

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Some favourite tunes

Music has a way of touching people’s souls to be associated with memories, feelings, or relationships. There are certain songs and bands that have marked a time in my life, can help me indulge in or change my moods, and remind me of people I care about. Since I’ve been feeling the lists, here’s another one.

  1. Vampire Weekend: Around the end of high school it was really popular to listen to “unpopular” or not “mainstream” music because it meant you weren’t following the crowd (aka “hipster”) and knew how to find good, real music or something. I do believe a lot of the stuff played on the radio is bubblegum pop that is only appealing because of its catchiness but that’s another topic. Nevertheless, the first indie band I discovered was Vampire Weekend – apparently classified as rock though they do a lot synth effects – and it continues to be one of my favourite bands to date. I loved their first and second album which remind me of high school days: stretching and warming up in the studio, background music for studying or walking, my parents asking me what the weird high pitched sounds I’m listening to are… Step is one of their recent songs and it it still has the same charm, subtle happiness, and ambiguous lyrics (if you figure them out, let me know) that first drew me in to this style of music.
  2. Take Five and Unsquare Dance by Dave Brubeck: I was first introduced to jazz music by my dad and not counting vocal works by Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone the instrumentals that struck me the most was Dave Brubeck’s classic Take Five. It was always one of those songs that I recognized and knew the melody to but couldn’t label until middle school when I looked it up on the “What’s that Song” catalogue on the website of our local jazz radio station. Unsquare Dance is of similar tilted quality being written in the odd time signature of 7/4 instead of 5/4 and both pieces have cool bass lines, playful melodies, and the ability to become musical earworms.
  3. Any piece from a ballet, particularly Tchaikovsky: As you may guess from the blog name, ballet has been a huge part of my life thanks to my introduction to movement paired with music by my mom. I have spent the majorities of my days in the studio, training and rehearsing to beautiful classical works played by live accompanists on the piano. I had the luck to dance in the National Ballet of Canada’s The Nutcracker and with repeated hearings I discovered how complex and diverse a full orchestration can be through Tchaikovsky. He is the composer of other pinnacle ballets such as  Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Serenade (by American choreographic icon George Balanchine). When I hear music from a ballet, I usually match it up to movements subconsciously, and it reminds me of the capabilities of artistic creativity and the joy of dancing. This coda is just so happy and uplifting how can you not want to dance to it (even though legs are probably falling off after the pas de deux)!
  4. Sweet Child O Mine and November Rain by Guns n Roses: During my time in London, my roommate and friends were into old and classic rock including my boyfriend to-be. I was first introduced to Ozzy Osbourne, Purple Rain, and Jimi Hendrix by my fellow university colleagues but one song and one band in particular is special to my musical discoveries last year for a reason you may have already guessed. One lazy night in the beginning of getting used to being “more than friends” my boyfriend quoted some lyrics accidentally mixing up these two songs by Guns n Roses. Consequently we listened to them and though I had known Sweet Child O Mine before, it just became so much more meaningful then. Both are good songs made better for my ears for sentimentality.
  5. Alexander Borodin’s String Quartet No 2: Also last year in London, I had a good friend of mine attend the Royal Academy of Music full of young, talented classical musicians. She played the violin remarkably well and invited us to a small informal chamber music concert they were holding. Before its start, the professor gave an introduction and said that this class was the best first years he has ever heard playing these sophisticated pieces so the bar was set quite high. And they were very good. My friend performed with ease and passionately and it was really inspiring to see artists in action other than the ballet which I was familiar with. One of the pieces that stuck in my head from that night is String Quartet No 2 by Alexander Borodin. There’s a sweet melancholy to it that makes it perfectly nostalgic, so this one tends to bring out many memories, most of them appropriately from London.

Day 6: What band or musician is most important to you?

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