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Busker of Disbelief (NaPoWrimo #5)


John Sinclair Cigarettes. Trick Series 1916 .

If you are trying to focus on what he’s doing, don’t.
Hiding his hands under foolish grins like a donkey’s
Our eyes are the fools, only voice matches to ears.
A small tip to the hat, perhaps? To subtly suggest.
Passengers of a story are we,
Taken by flamboyant hands and cups to shake.
The illusionist rotates the power of our
Mind, into a weaving of his own.

This is a golden shovel, which was Saturday’s prompt -yes I am late and yes I will catch up – based on Robert Frost’s poem, “A Fountain a Bottle a Donkey’s Ears and Some Books.” To be honest I do not quite understand what the line embedded in the poem (read every last word in each line)  means, but there was a certain whimsy to it that made it funny and mysterious. Just like a busker I recently saw performing, who made oranges and grapefruits appear from cups, and a twenty dollar bill from inside a lemon. I have always loved magic, it proves we cannot always trust our senses but also shows that humans love to be surprised and believe the impossible.

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