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Take the pencil (NaPoWriMo #20)

CS Lewis

(From quotesnsayings.net)

Like a cyclops wearing an eye patch, we’ve never been able since our birth
To know what has been printed on life’s next chapter
Like a pig snuffling truffle treasure buried deep under the earth
Detectives searching for clues hinting a happily-ever-after

Like a grain of salt in a spoon of sugar, how every choice will affect
Our daily cup of tea or coffee, is an elusive mystery until
The present is a ghost, we watch curled up on the couch to reconnect
Reading the miraculous events recorded from our will

Like holes in swiss cheese, what makes or breaks an ego
Can be answered twice by what we do or what we don’t
Identity as fluid as seaweed in waves, hidden in the gutter – no.
Wait anxiously for the turn of each page? I won’t.

I will be the generator of my own word.
And my story will be heard.


Life is too short for waiting so take that pencil and write! Fill the blank pages with the future you’ve always dreamed about, because you are the only author of your personal book of life.

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Business of Lies (NaPoWriMo #2)

Partners forged in risky but hopeful endeavour,
Signed in trust. Intentions, however,
Change. Paper cut letters sent behind smiling face
Matters little. The money’s already in my suitcase.


“Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.”
– Thomas Jefferson


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Sandy you scare me: Nature’s Halloween demonstration

The wood was creaking, the door was squeaking, the roof was leaking. The wind was making the boards groan and the doors flail on its hinges helplessly, and rain dripped into sinking puddles on the marbled floor.

Drop of water.

What better place to be in a storm than a church? Add the music of our voices and guitars and it was quite the mixed atmosphere at choir practice last night.
Just in time for Halloween, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Hearing on the news of power outages and flooding – and Toronto was only experiencing a sliver of effects – reminds me of just how helpless humans are. Just think, the great bustling city of New York silenced by a single storm.

Blackout New York, by Bill Eppridge 1965

Human intelligence and sheer determination does not stand a chance against the sheer immense power of nature. These are forces beyond our imaginings that we can never hope to control. We can build cities defiantly on dangerous land, but if an earthquake or tsunami did occur, what choice do we really have? Escaping the fury would be the only option.


I fell asleep to the sight of our giant backyard pine tree violently swinging in the rainstorm, its branches thrashing from side to side. Scary, but inspiring. It looked so helpless, yet so resilient; its bending like a dance following the music of the wind. Maybe that is it, we should not separate ourselves from nature but accept our place in it, as a part of Earth’s bigger picture.

Events like this leave me so awe-struck and in great respect for the wonders of this planet. I do hope Hurricane Sandy is sparing, but let our fear be a reminder for future actions of humanity, that we do NOT want to mess with Mother Nature.

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