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Personification paragraph assignment

The breathing block of cold stand lonely in the bare corner of the kitchen, humming to itself, glumly. Its boring, smooth face hides underneath a magnetic collage of seasonal picture frames and cards, magnetic maple leafs and hockey sticks with ‘Canada’ written on them, cartoon spelling alphabets and mini plush animals. The jolly decor that covers the otherwise empty wall distracts one from the quiet grumbling caused by the refrigerator’s internal burden of frozen veggies and giant pitchers of juice. It mopes in its limited patch of floor, sinking slouchily from exhaustion because it can’t sit down, and silently shuddering from the freezing air it contains. Its only importance is to keep cheese cold and no one notices its discomfort or unhappiness. The fridge stays in the kitchen this way until someone wants a yogurt tube and opens the door. And in that one moment, it awakes from its monotonous slumber, growing taller brightening its lights, blowing a chilly sigh of relief to the one who saw its existence. It stays somewhat happy for a minute or two, feeling a tiny bit of pride flutter from somewhere deep within and momentarily congratulates itself for its ingenious usefulness. But soon, it discretely retracts back into its quiet place, slowly settling back into its lonely, melancholic way. And the refrigerator stands dull again in its insignificant corner of the kitchen, humming a little tune to itself, like it always does when it feels invisible.

Rediscovered and republished from 2009
by thebookybunhead

PS: I believe this character may have been inspired by this beloved robot from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: there is certainly a resemblance, no?

Marvin the Paranoid Android

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Fellow dancers, meet your new best friend:

These babies are the best stretching/massaging/strengthening partners you will ever get. The roller club in my class has definitely gained some new recruits this past month and I’m not surprised, it’s muscle relief at its simplest and I love mine. Just a couple of rolls on your tight muscles and miraculously they feel like Jell-O as you stand up. They’re easy to use too, and there’s so many exercises for almost anything – you just have to look it up on that other friend, the world wide web.


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