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Scholar (NaPoWrimo #9)


Marie Curie, pioneer of radioactivity and winner of two Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics. Photo source: i12bent.tumblr.com

Why does the scientist
Stay so in patient fidelity
Waiting for results to crash parallel
To predictions and understanding-
Experiment after experiment
After experiment?
Simply because “I won’t give up,
On the pursuit that I
Love, love, love. ”

I have always been amazed learning about the scientists who spent their lives creating theories of atoms, space, evolution… Because our understanding of these topics today come from a collective pool of works that was gained experiment after experiment, day by day. Taking chemistry, I already have an idea about how tedious lab work can be, but I am only learning –  cannot imagine the hard work and devotion it took to BUILD biology, chemistry, and physics. 

The random playlist I took song titles is called “Rainy Café Windows” by Songza (which is an awesome app that plays free music that fits your moods).

The songs are:
Crash Parallel by Rain Delays
The Scientist by Coldplay
I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
Fidelity by Regina Spektor
Love Love Love by Of Monsters and Men

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