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What I saw in the rainforest (NaPoWriMo #25)


Found on Pinterest on the board "beautiful nature" by Sarah Ulhaas

In the greenest of jungles I saw a plethora of feathered, furry, scaly creatures,
With rainbow coloured, poison spewing, gravity defying features.

Almost magical stunts I saw when walking the rainforest without a rush.
Secret superpowers of every animal hidden within the brush.

Thin rays of sun stream through dense, entangled canopies shining tiny spotlights.
I saw flower faces unfurling and shiny beetles hooked in fights.

From the sky it is endless emerald framed by deep blue seas that glisten.
I saw a sea of bark and leaves, waves stretched over a nation whose voice is heard if you only listen.

And looking closely I saw little patches in nature’s elaborate quilts.
Edges of barren palm trees where the forest vines slowly wilt.

There are little surprises beneath the sand, under trees of coconut.
I saw the growth of ‘progress’, which I fear is anything but.

The prompt was to write with anaphora, a repeated phrase, in this case the simple “I saw.” Whenever I think about the damage that has been done to rainforests and that is still occurring today, I feel so ashamed of the human race. It is so sad to think of the diversity and history that we have lost in order to harvest some more oil or lumber or whatever to fuel our money – based society. I do think the mentality that progress is making more money is what is causing the sustainability dilemnas we are finding ourselves in. Anyway, I won’t write more on this here, but possibly in the future.

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Spreading the love

lovebirds_2012457iThe origin of Valentine’s Day in one run-on sentence :

This “lover’s holiday” was created when Christians gained power in the Roman Empire by the Catholic Church to replace the Roman tradition of teenagers gathering every February in the name of Lupercus, god of flocks, to celebrate fertility and randomly choose a “mate” (you know what this means) with a celebration in honour St. Valentine, a symbol of more “wholesome” love that inspired the ritual of sending respectful notes of affection.

Today, the modernized, super-sized tradition has us buying more than 150 million cards every year. Now I love Hello Kitty, Spiderman, and Snoopy as much as the next person but unless you collect your valentines from each year, that is a lot of paper that ends up in the trash (not to mention manufacturing resources wasted). Valentine’s Day has been commercialized like almost every other holiday to be a reason for shopping, whether it is candy for the annual classroom exchange or expensive jewellery for your significant other.

a2b6e07541dc5207316d3ef2c5849e3bIt is easy to forget that there are other ways to show your loved ones that you care, although it might take more time than going to the shop and pulling out your wallet. Handmade gifts are always special and I know I appreciate them exactly because of the personal thought and effort put  into them. And don’t forget, the gift of time and company is unbeatable.

So next year, before you head to the mall for the annual Valentine’s Day spree, ponder a bit about love – does it have to be reflected through material gifts? – you just might save the environment, and more importantly, some of your hard-earned dollars.

Well, maybe with exception of flowers and chocolate…


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In case anyone was wondering, the condensed history of Valentine’s Day was taken from the reliable and entertaining source of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Series.

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