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Scholar (NaPoWrimo #9)


Marie Curie, pioneer of radioactivity and winner of two Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics. Photo source: i12bent.tumblr.com

Why does the scientist
Stay so in patient fidelity
Waiting for results to crash parallel
To predictions and understanding-
Experiment after experiment
After experiment?
Simply because “I won’t give up,
On the pursuit that I
Love, love, love. ”

I have always been amazed learning about the scientists who spent their lives creating theories of atoms, space, evolution… Because our understanding of these topics today come from a collective pool of works that was gained experiment after experiment, day by day. Taking chemistry, I already have an idea about how tedious lab work can be, but I am only learning –  cannot imagine the hard work and devotion it took to BUILD biology, chemistry, and physics. 

The random playlist I took song titles is called “Rainy Café Windows” by Songza (which is an awesome app that plays free music that fits your moods).

The songs are:
Crash Parallel by Rain Delays
The Scientist by Coldplay
I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
Fidelity by Regina Spektor
Love Love Love by Of Monsters and Men

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Exam Bound

Crunch time! (Original content)

Crunch time! (Original content)

bound (adj) 1. Heading toward somewhere 2. Restricted or confined to a specific place

The end of the year is speeding along and I am feeling exhausted. It has been a marathon for the past few months with the dance festival, spring performance, and now final recital and academic exams. We get a free weekend without class, except there is a LOT to do: science reviews specifically, culminating assignments, procrastinated stuff, and extra credits squeezed in, hopefully. Our grade is in charge of an annual flower sale by tradition and many of us are catching summer colds due to bipolar weather of heavy rain (once pouring enough to collapse our church’s roof) and summer sun (we’re talking shorts and tank top weather here). It is also a personal tradition of mine to create handmade cards for my teachers, and I hope to continue it. Now I completely understand the phrase, “Time flies.”

So this is basically my excuse for my absence on WordPress; my “Drafts” category is growing drastically to the point that I doubt I could complete all these ideas in the summer. In the meantime, let’s get cracking on the notes fellow students (those of you unlucky enough to be on the same pace as my irregular school) , and exams here we come!

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