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Black hole

Looking into the window of a spaceship
You can see the passengers on the trip
Floating around completing tasks
Pursuing the answer to a big ask:
What does one see inside a black hole?
Nothing, when they look out the window.

Poem for NaPoWriMo day 29. The prompt was to write something inspired by looking in a window. I wanted to play with the idea that a window can be used in two directions, as a way to look out as well as a way to look in.


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In the centre of action at any establishment
Explosive spontaneity and loud excitement
Hurrahs and congrats, collective laughter sings
In this moment, she feels a sense of belonging

Near the edge of the crowd, hearing blurred conversation
Sipping drinks in company, without need for recognition
Exchanged smiles, silent interactions, gently observing
In this moment, she feels a sense of belonging

Surrounded with attention
Recluse yet with affection
From the inside projecting outwards
From the outside looking inwards
What for one brings joy, the other annoys
“I feel bad for her, she’s so alone and separated.”
“All that noise and fakeness is so overrated.”

My poem fro NaPoWriMo day 27. The prompt was to take inspiration from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows and here is the word that I chose:


v. intr. feeling the tranquil pleasure of being near a gathering but not quite in it—hovering on the perimeter of a campfire, chatting outside a party while others dance inside, resting your head in the backseat of a car listening to your friends chatting up front—feeling blissfully invisible yet still fully included, safe in the knowledge that everyone is together and everyone is okay, with all the thrill of being there without the burden of having to be.

I honestly thought this definition was so poetic in itself so took the idea of “midding” as an explanation for why it might be nice to enjoy quieter, less public spaces within a gathering and made it a point for comparison to what is generally seen as the typical way one enjoys a party. Extravert or introvert, which one are you?

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Hello, my dear, you’ve come a long way. What a wild ride it’s been, eh?
Looking back it must feel funny – joy, love, achievements, money –
Things I seek now, did it matter – to make our life better?
Memories created, which one is your favourite?
Sorry for the questions, I have inhibitions…
Do you believe something exists after death?
I hope I didn’t leave you with regrets.
That was the fear, to waste away years.
Experiencing chaos, noises –
Would you change any choices?
Listen to more voices?
I hope you are proud.
Fears are allowed.
It’s alright,
Just say

A poem for NaPoWriMo day 25. The prompt was to write a poem for a particular occasion and one that came to mind was a last conversation with my future old self. There would be so many emotions, questions, and stories to talk about – yet time would be running out, so I wanted to reflect those limits and urgency in the “countdown” structure of syllables per line. It turned out more morbid than I anticipated, but so writing goes.

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