Would you

Would you wander
Across the parched desert
Against sandstorm winds
On foot, not on camel

Would you search
Across the Sahara
Through oasis mirages
For riches?

Would you sail
Across monster waves
Against whirlpools and rapids
Sunshine or rain

Would you search
Across the five oceans
Through light and dark waters
For peace?

Would you ponder
Across words and images
Against fact and fiction
All of knowledge across time

Would you search
Across the edges of the web
Through thoughts and opinions
For truth?

Would you inhale
Across mountains and valleys
Through tunnels and caves
The air crisp or smoky

Would you search
Across chakras and psyche
Through victory and trauma
For purpose?

Would you wander
Would you sail
Would you ponder
Would you inhale
Would you sacrifice
Would you suffer
Would you smile
Would you start
Will you start
When do you start
To live?

NaPoWriMo day 23, channeling existential crisis number who-knows-what.

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