Easy question

Day 7: Do you read? What are your favourite books?

I’m just going to skip over the first question and jump into the second.
(Because who doesn’t read nowadays? Sure, people may spend more time on the internet and social media, but there is still an aspect of reading there even if it’s in the medium of memes or photos. But let’s assume this question refers to the traditional form of reading books – the ones that you carry in your bag, have stains from drinks or the rain, and uneven spines from the sinful deed of sitting it face down on a paused page because you forgot a bookmark.)

1. Harry Potter series by JK Rowling (because wizards, broomstick flying, charms and spells, unicorns and dragons, battle between evil and good, fun characters, all the exciting and good stuff that a kid wants to read growing up. Up until my mid teenage years I clinged to the hope that maybe I would receive a letter late, and had multiple dreams of attending Hogwarts, as a Gryffindor, of course.)

2. Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne (because the characters are so darn lovable and the stories charming. There is such simplicity to his writing style that tells these little stories about a boy and his imaginary stuffed toys that pulls at everyone’s nostalgic desire or fond remembering of childhood innocence and imagination.)

3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (because it gave me chills and almost made me cry which means I was moved by some powerful storytelling. If you haven’t heard of it, this one’s about a girl and her love of books tied into her relationships with family and friends in the setting of WWII. The drama and reality are very strong in this novel, it is both a joy and a heartbreaker to read.)

4. Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaardner (because it made philosophy fun and interesting for a ninth grader. I learned about the history and development of philosophical thought through a story of fantasy and mystery. Epic.)

5. The Martian by Andy Weir (because it’s smart, compassionate, sarcastic and genuinely funny, and probably better than the movie adaptation that just came out. It’s about an astronaut’s quest to survive on Mars, need I say more? This was actually the first book I fully read on a kindle on generous lend from a friend which was novel since most of it is written in journal logs, so the digital words appearing and disappearing on the screen made reading feel super techy. )




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2 responses to “Easy question

  1. I keep seeing people who post that The Book Thief is worth a read, and yet I still haven’t done it…

  2. Excellent choice and reviews.

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