If I wander:


The Colloseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, all the old ancient  buildings, authentic pizza and spaghetti, and Vatican City!
Venice (canals!), Florence (more architecture and art!), Milan (fashion!) and Verona (Romeo and Juliet!) are other cities in Italy I would like to visit, but Rome first!


It’s small country so I think it’s specific enough. I would go here just for the landscape – including volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and Aurora Borealis. Also I’ve always thought it was funny how Iceland is actually pretty green, and Greenland pretty icy, those are some misleading labels.

Source: lonelyplanet.com/mexicocity


I would be lying if I said that the fact that my boyfriend is Mexican didn’t have anything to do with me wanting to visit Mexico City. I was always interested in seeing what a Mexican beach was like, though Bali (which I’ve been to) and Hawaii have priority. But now I would like to visit Mexico, and its capital which has old ancient temples and pyramids like Teotihuacan, delicious food (tacos and fruit!), and all the architecture and cultural things that go with it. Will actually be checking this destination as well as Acapulco of the list for New Year’s – yay!

Source: travelieu.com/imagepath/Kyoto-Pic-06.jp


I’ve always wanted to go to Japan for their unique culture (and sushi!) and although Tokyo would be the large city with all the buzz and technology (like the bullet trains and smart toilets), Kyoto seems to me like the quieter, more scenic, and more traditional city to go to. There are lots of Buddhist temples, shrines, gardens (cherry blossoms!), and traditional buildings as well as old-fashioned tea ceremony and dining experiences.

Source: privatejetcentral.flights/popular-destinations/africa/cape-town/


Ever since a friend showed me a picture of her view from Capetown, I thought what a beautiful city! Mountains and sea mean lots of landscape to explore as well as the beach. The jail that used to house Nelson Mandela and the Diamond Museum, as well as African food and culture which I know very little about would be very interesting to visit.

Day 5: Five places you want to visit

Here are a few honorable mentions:
Somewhere in Australia
Agra and New Delhi in India
Moscow, Russia
Barcelona, Spain
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

And places I’ve already been but would live to visit again:
Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya in Indonesia
California in general (surfing and skiing on the same day, oh my!)
Houston, Texas (everything is bigger and Murican)
Vancouver, Canada (again, an ocean and mountains combination, except in the best country ever)



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