Origin of a name

thebookybunhead means exactly what it sounds like.

“Bunhead” being a person, usually a girl, with hair tied up and formed into a donut for the purpose of keeping hair out of the face, particularly for dancing. In my case, a bunhead means specifically someone very into ballet.

“Booky” aka “bookish” and as defined by Merriam Webster online: fond of books or relating to books, inclined to rely on book knowledge, and more interested in reading books and studying than doing more physical activities (such as sports).
Now the last part of this definition is simply untrue because I have the urge to move every time I hear music which is quite often.

So this is what I have called myself as this blog was originally started and still will contain ballet and book reviews, as well as essays, poetry, random thoughts, and journal-type entries. It focuses on two of my passions: reading and dancing.

Day 4: The meaning behind your [insert social media outlet here]’s name



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2 responses to “Origin of a name

  1. Reading and dancing? But not at the same time, right?

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