Basic Things

I am a very old teenager.
I spent a lot of time straightening out my back,
standing like a penguin, and honing the ability
to bear my entire body weight on my toes.

I am a Torontonian.
An inspirational couple loves me
and I have two funny gals to laugh
and learn and dream with.

I am a collector.
I have trinkets, papers, and random things
that remind me of my best friend far away.
Memories that turn rain into sun.

I am an absorber.
I watch the squirrels scamper, smell the sewage,
and hear music like a heartbeat in my head.
I read stories and meet characters.

I am a fighter.
I feel darkness around me, wet the world
with my tears, and lose hope but
not enough to disappear.


Day 1: Write some basic things about yourself.




Filed under 30-Day Personal Challenges

3 responses to “Basic Things

  1. I really like this, it is honest and touching.xx

  2. I enjoyed that a lot! Very reflective. 🙂

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