Hello again, this time I have depression.

It has been over a year since I’ve written. Partially because of the regular bustle of life and also because I have really been struggling to think of what to say , though I’ve been wanting to restart the blogging flow here. I am still interested in dance and books but current ideas are very different. I am struggling with depression but I have decided that it isn’t going to stop me from trying to enjoy writing like I did before. I don’t know where future posts will go, but they will all still stem from the mind of this booky bunhead.

Thanks for reading,



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4 responses to “Hello again, this time I have depression.

  1. Depression sucks. Hang in there. & keep writing. Hugs

  2. Fight the black dog Bunny rise above it!! ❤

  3. Hang in there and kick depression’s butt. If you ever need to talk or anything let me know. Sometimes just discussing things with friends helps immensely.

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