Among the Stars (NaPoWriMo #27)


A snapchat sent to me by a friend in Denmark.

Pastel lines sprinkled on a street
Where wheels and stardust meet
Smear nebulae across asphalt galaxies:
The pathway of children’s suns.


This is a poem written from a photograph. I got this image through the social media app “Snapchat” and saved it on my phone because I thought it was a captivating idea. 22 days until graduation! Feeling so nostalgic for the chalk driveway drawing days…

Thanks for reading,


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8 responses to “Among the Stars (NaPoWriMo #27)

  1. 22 days? How exciting! 😀

  2. Are you sure you’re not the one who drew all those stars? I won’t tell… 🙂

  3. Lovely poem and photo. Only three weeks to your graduation. Congratulations on your graduation another milestone in your life. One day you will look back as fondly on that day as you have today on your drive chalking days as a child just now. Memories are the stuff of dreams. God bless you and good luck.

  4. Hi,
    u have a really awesome blog going here!
    please check out my blog 🙂
    it’s young but still…
    may allah guide you ❤

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