A Glimpse into Elder School (NaPoWriMo #13)


Detachable turtle shells on their backs
Vision darkeners on eyes
Singing matchboxes in ears
They venture into castles of great size
Full of great hopes and great fears

The blinding lamp shines down from the sky
Earth’s green hair greets shoes
With toothpick heels and patterned stamps
In paper caverns they search for clues
Into winding stairs and glass ramps

Determined and satisfied with word parcels in stack
They play fortuneteller to themselves for the years that will pass by

So I took a campus tour of a university I was accepted into, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, like its own world within the city. It is around exam finals and everywhere were focused faces – in the park, the library, the lounges, the hallways. Somehow it made it both easier and harder to imagine studying there for four whole years.

Thanks for reading,



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11 responses to “A Glimpse into Elder School (NaPoWriMo #13)

  1. Please tell us more about this school and your studies…

  2. I love that photo you took of Hogwarts. Did you enjoy your visit??? 🙂

  3. Beautiful poem! I don’t usually read poems, but that first line really hooked me in. Detachable turtle shells … just beautiful imagery.

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