Anacreon Voices – wine and love (NaPoWriMo #11)


Photo by Fabio Sexio

Flavoured melodies roll down a sweeping red wine dress
Sprung from dense earth where the roots of grapevines rest –
Spill into the cup of love

Smooth melodies soar past light beams into the dark waiting air
Where words hang in sweet resonance, dripping honest wisdom there –
Fall into the cup of love

Layered melodies swell in cycles, flooding the chamber with solemn chords
Engulfed by sour aromas of night as they tell of the sacrifice of the Lord
Fill the cup of love

Yesterday was our music show and last night we went to Tenebrae, a service of “darkness” led by a men’s choir in reflection of Easter. So much music in one day, and coincidentally also related to wine and love. It’s my own version of an Anacreon poem since the tone couldn’t be jovial and celebratory (I wasn’t feeling it!). Each stanza is inspired by different musical performances- my friends performed the duet “Dance Me To the End of Love” covered by “The Civil Wars,” I sang “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston, and the whole Tenebrae program consisted of beautifully gothic pieces in Latin. I wanted to post this last night but fell asleep writing the last bit.

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5 responses to “Anacreon Voices – wine and love (NaPoWriMo #11)

  1. “Anacreon Voices – wine and love” has inspired me to post “His Farewell to Sack” by Robert Herrick.
    “Horace, Anacreon, both had lost their fame,
    Hads’t thou not fill’d them with thy fire and flame.
    Phoebean splendour! and thou, Thespian spring!
    Of which sweet swans must drink before they sing”

  2. I wrote about wine today in my advice column post. Perhaps you inspired me… 🙂

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