Lunacy (NaPoWriMo #4)


Elliot Erwitt - Egypt, 1958

Heavy fluttering adrenaline
Searches for an empty space
In the dark.

A title alike its name, this lune is an interpretation of anxiety, but is also inspired by the feelings I’ve had entering an audition. Excitement can be overwhelming and the first task is to find a vacant spot in the studio. Today we entered class chattering, to find a pitch black theatre, lit by a small table lamp sitting on the piano in the corner. The scene was both serene and sinister, and senses somehow both restricted and heightened, as we warmed up in hushed conversation and darkness. (Lights were turned on before we started dancing, thank goodness!)

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5 responses to “Lunacy (NaPoWriMo #4)

  1. nice and fun and creepy for your sweet spring poetry there mates 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on seekingstories and commented:
    thought this was a fun one sorta with a creepy little twinge to it like minor keys at midnight 🙂
    have fun and enjoy this saturday everybody.

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