Cooking day

Had tons of fun cooking with my family yesterday. Nothing like homecooked food with simple ingredients to put a smile on everyone’s faces!


Coconut Baked Boston blue fish with mango salsa,  quinoa and chickpea lime salad,  and strawberry frozen yogurt.


Brown rice edamame salad and baked kale chips.


Sweet potato wedges.


Seared sesame tuna.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. I know I said that I was finally back after post -exam avoidance of reading and writing,  but it turns out summer is very busy, even with the end of summer school. I will most likely be posting photos during the rest of this month and returning to responses in words when time allows!

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8 responses to “Cooking day

  1. Great pictures from an enjoyable family cooking event.

    Any chance of sharing your sesame tuna recipe?



    “Chance favors the prepared mind”… Louis Pasteur

    • Of course! It’s very easy. Just cut the tuna into little fillets, roll in a mixture of black and white sesame seeds, add some salt to taste, then cook it in a pan! You cam cut it into thin slices and put a bit of tamari sauce or other dressing for a stronger taste. Let me know if you try it and hope you enjoy! 🙂

  2. Is it strange that we have the exact same plate that is in your first picture?? When I saw it, I immediately recognized the design–very odd…All that food looks delicious, especially the sweet potato wedges.

  3. Oh! this all looks so lovely!!

  4. RO

    Ohhhh gosh this looks jummy!!

  5. Your photos make me even more eagerly anticipate summer and CSA shares.

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