A single bazaar booth

Much bigger and sunnier than what I’ve written.
Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/481111172662500062/

In the dampened smell of barbecue leaking
out the Chinese restaurant door
The little woman sits in a booth under
four oversized umbrellas
Gathering mannequin hangers as mother asks,
“How much for this shirt?”

“Usually 20, but I’m closing now, so have it for 10.”
She speaks Mandarin.
Mom nods for the purchase as the roar of clouds echoes down the street
The lady folds the elegant beaded garment, smiles, hands us a plastic bag

We say thanks and turn around
Rain pours down.

Life is hard, I realize that regardless of our evolution into society, it will always be a survival of the fittest. We work to live and we live to work, but we musn’t forget to be generous and kind to each other because those moments are what we remember through time.

Happy birthday to my mother who never turns a year older!

Thanks for reading,


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13 responses to “A single bazaar booth

  1. Thanks for the follow. Where was the above pic taken?

  2. Beautiful story I also get your meaning, and happy birthday to your wonderful mother too! xx

  3. What a nice birthday tribute! Does your mother regularly read your blog?

  4. Just bought two handmade tops at a morning market and thought they were expensive, but afterwards realised that I’d bought terrines for the exact same amount and they will be gone forever in a day or two… Lynn

  5. I just love this! So glad I stumbled across your post πŸ˜€ There’s something powerful beneath your light-hearted, almost conversational tone. Thank you for writing.

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