To Mother

Because her honest advice and singing laughter is the best thing you’ve ever heard.
Because she brought warm tea to bed when you were paralyzed with flu.
Because she knows what’s in your heart, though you say not a single word.
Because she stands beside, sword in hand, when the world has turned against you.
Because she always thinks of everyone before herself.
Because without anyone noticing, she tidies counter, closet, shelf.
Because she’s a guardian angel day after day
We say I LOVE YOU in the earnest possible way.

My mom’s favourite kind of flower.

And for smiles:

calvin and hobbes – mothers day card

Comic by none other than Bill Watterson

Personally, I had always thought it silly that “Mother’s Day” was a celebration. Shouldn’t we treat the people who have devoted their time to nurturing us all our lives be treated with full adoration all the time? But I guess a day of extra special treatment is always welcome. I went for brunch with my mom at Cora’s (where she got free Lindt chocolate) and tonight we went for Chinese downtown at King’s Noodles, handmade and fresh, which was really yummy. My sisters attended a church art club and made lovely drawings and bookmarks for her. It was just too bad Mother Nature did not seem in the mood to be appreciated as it was a rather cold, gusty, and rainy day. Nevertheless, there is nothing like a family movie on a Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day to mums everywhere!

Also, today’s Google Doodle was sweet. You can make your own Mother’s Day card through the animation. Here’s the one I made. Very clever idea!

Thanks for reading,


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11 responses to “To Mother

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  2. I’ve always felt that mothers, my own in particular, demonstrate unconditional love. Nothing is ever too much trouble, she’s always there when we’re ill, broken hearted or in need of a kind word. To everyone I say Happy Mothers Day, my mum’s no longer here but I still miss her even after 28 years.

    • Thank you for the beautiful comment. I feel much the same way. There’s no love like the love a mother has for her child. My condolences, I’m sure she was wonderful.

      • She was so wonderful, always made my brothers and I feel we were truly blessed. I know everyone thinks their mum is the best, but it’s not a competition and those who get to spend time with their mum are the lucky ones. Seems, so often these days, that both parents have to work to keep the bills paid and food on the table. My mum only worked part time in a grocery store on a Friday so on that day we cleaned the house, prepared the evening meal and when mum came in we did everything for her, dad cooked, I’d make her a cuppa and she had that night off. At least, on Friday, I went to the club a few of my mates and I ran on the other side of town. Once my brothers went to bed it was just mum and dad as I would stroll home in the early hours after they’d gone to bed.

  3. Nice post!! You are right, Mother’s Day is everyday!!! 🙂

  4. Definitely unconditional, whether we deserve it or not:)

  5. Kira

    This was wonderful! And I agree Mother’s Day every day and Daughter’s Day every day!! 🙂

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