Meek (NaPoWriMo #29) *plus* an optional quiz

.A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

The albinos sit  huddled together in the cafeteria
Picking at bits of rice drowned again since the paddies
In shy angst, they watch plates topped with hamburgers pass
As owners chow down on ketchup dipped fries
In quiet murmurs they sip fruit juice at their table
Watching with curious eyes, but no words.

In each line except the last, there is at least one “loan word” used in the English language that originates from another country. See if you can match a word to each of these languages and post your answer in the comments below!
Chinese, French, German, Bahasa (Indonesian), Spanish

So it’s a bit of a variation on the prompt, but that’s alright, I think. This one was inspired by the group of young dancers from Denmark who are very sweet but extremely shy. They are a wonderful addition to the international cast of the dance festival, and are dearly loved by everyone. So this one’s for the Bournonville dancers!

Thanks for reading,

PS: I know I am late on this NapoWriMo business, but I’m doing my best to finish it ASAP with the time that I have.


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8 responses to “Meek (NaPoWriMo #29) *plus* an optional quiz

  1. Wait, did I miss the quiz? That looks like it is hard to do (the poem type). But then all poetry seems hard for me to do, lol. Glad you’ve been sticking with the NaPoWriMo!

    • The ‘quiz’ was just to match one word from each line (except the last one) to a language on the list. Each line contains at least one word that originated from a foreign language, I thought it could be a fun guessing game for which line has English ‘loan’ words from which language 😛

  2. Not sure where the pictures comes from but I is awesome …one look and you can feel the vastness of the ocean and how how insignificant other things are…how small we are in the nature of all things? NSee you next year.

  3. Quiz answers:
    1 – “albinos”: Spanish
    2 – “paddies”: Bahasa
    3 – “hamburgers”: German
    4 – “ketchup”: Chinese
    5 – “murmurs” and “juice”: French

    Etymology is fun!

    • Awesome job! I actually didn’t realize that murmurs also originated from French until now! I’ve always wanted to buy myself an etymological dictionary… Thanks for commenting 😀

  4. Beautiful and extremely clever poem. xxx

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