Around the World in 8 seconds (NaPoWriMo #28)

globe               Bill Zindel

Art by Bill Zindel

Today I met people from
San Francisco
New York City
New Zealand
In one room.
Dancing a universal language.
Traveling more of the world through smiles
Traded internationally in the hallways.


I had school on Sunday, and it was great. Sounds crazy, but it really isn’t. Today was the first day of a big dance festival with professional ballet academies from around the world. It is all SO exciting, I can’t believe it’s here, and I promise myself I will enjoy this week to the max.

Thanks for reading,


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10 responses to “Around the World in 8 seconds (NaPoWriMo #28)

  1. Kira

    The dance festival sounds wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful week enjoying it!

  2. I really love your poetry. A friend of mine was in a dance (ballet) competition this weekend and she insisted I tag along for moral support lol Are you looking to join a professional company? Chorus or featured? Just curious. Thanks for following my blog. It’s pretty random and really it’s more of a playlist than anything. You’re in my top 3 blogs that I follow so keep it coming girl. 😉

  3. I really like this. I can picture a sense of nationality subsumed to the harmony of the dance. I hope you keep on writing.

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