Cotton Candy (NaPoWriMo #24)

Skies flush pink by a setting sun
As purple clouds float lazily
Amorphous stripes like cotton candy undone
Fluffy strands look good enough to eat


Yesterday’s anagram prompt proved very difficult, so I’m sorry to disappoint but here’s another sky poem instead. There is nothing like seeing the colours with your own eyes for even a camera can’t capture the full brilliance of nature’s colours. I saw a rainbow today too, as it was rainy, but I didn’t include it because that would be much too sweet for my taste.

Thanks for reading,



Filed under NaPoWriMo Challenge, Words of No Wisdom

6 responses to “Cotton Candy (NaPoWriMo #24)

  1. ~LD

    great line: “cotton candy undone”. Well done!

  2. I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. I know, I know Awards right? This one is a good one. Go here for details:

  3. That is a wonderful description of the sky

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