Funny with a pinch of truth

After returning from a farmer’s market, my mother started telling us about a family obstacle course event that was being promoted there. It was a fundraiser to help kids suffering with addiction. The listeners nodded their heads, but most eagerly did the littlest sister, who with eyes bright with understanding said, “Ohhh, like to video games and computers right?”

I want my childhood back. And yet there’s something so true and foreboding in that innocent remark. It’s a good family car moment I want to remember.

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6 responses to “Funny with a pinch of truth

  1. I also love seeing the sparks of childhood innocence. 🙂

    Believe it or not, there are rehab camps all over Asia for gaming addictions. 😦

  2. I get the same feeling when I watch young mothers trying to negotiate a kerb with a pushchair and, at the same time, checking their mobiles for the latest bit of non-urgent twaddle from a friend.

    This need to be continually stuck to a screen, irrespective of its size, bodes ill for the next generations. Sorry for the rant, it’s an age thing. 😉

    • Not at all, I feel much the same wariness about humanity’s increasing dependence on technology. I actually wrote a little debate with myself about cell phones, if you’re interested:

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