Lady Anonymous (NaPoWriMo #19)


City woman unafraid to stroll the night alone
Apple nibbler to the core who swears by her Burberry trenchcoat
Looking for someone who can make a nice cup of coffee every morning
Lover of the French Polynesia, Chopin, slippers.
Oh, and red lipstick.


Something out of the blender of randomness today. This character just appeared when I saw today’s prompt for a personal ad. I wanted to do something witty but I just couldn’t conjure up good humour at the moment.

Thanks for reading,


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12 responses to “Lady Anonymous (NaPoWriMo #19)

  1. ~LD

    oh, Lady Dance! What a photo! Delightful and witty!

  2. I love that phrase, “apple nibbler to the core.” Amazing picture too. Thanks for visiting and liking my “Hungry Poet.” I have one a bout a little ballerina too, that you might like, under the November archives. Thanks again, Dave

  3. Love it! Imagination was stirred by an awesome image there 😉

  4. Great poem and really love the photo. Very clever!!

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  6. Very aproprose 😉 love it

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