My Dear Frenemy: An Un-love Poem (NaPoWriMo #10)

If you were a tomato,Frenemies
You’d be the first ammunition I fling
To splat onto the stage of a terrible show
If we lived centuries ago.

Like an itch I can’t supress,
You’re like a remnant plastic fastener that clings
Even after the tag has been cut and removed
Pricking the skin from the back of a dress.

Heads turn at the sounds of your glee
Because guffaws shriek like a fire alarm drill.
Forcefully foolish or brainy at will –
Put on a character, why don’t you,
If you’re looking for the answer to that math problem,
Don’t ask me.

Actually, you’re the dilemna no one can, or wants to figure out
Like a tangled mess of computer wires
Or a bunch of socks with no twins
So lost, even you probably don’t know what you’re about

Looks and comments from mild to vile
Searching for bubbles to pop,
Pierced by a vain glare with an intention to look model fierce,
I respond with the one thing that brings your game to a stop:
A smile.

“Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much.”
– Oscar Wilde

Thanks for reading,


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12 responses to “My Dear Frenemy: An Un-love Poem (NaPoWriMo #10)

  1. ~LD

    great twist at the end! I guess we all have these “frenemies” at one time and another — thanks for the reminder.

    • It’s a pretty common term when you think about it. I’m glad you liked the ending, I was debating between finishing it with sarcastic kindness or spite. I thought the first made the whole ‘un-love’ idea more light-hearted.

  2. I like your poem very much. Original images, authentic expression. Thanks for visiting mine, as well.

  3. Love the idea of flinging tomatoes. Creatively done. Enjoyed.

  4. So true, funny how it always stops them when you smile at them. Your blog is the bomb so glad you found me so I found this

  5. This is my favorite part of my . blobbing experience. At random, visiting others in the blogging community.Sharing a moment with words. Curiosity drew me to this particular post. The small picture or icon displaying a rope in the shape of heart and noose. The whole un-fit ..of the two symbols together , made me want to know why. Thank you for sharing a piece of your busy life.

  6. A mutual admiration society! Thank you!

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