“Noir” Knight Sighting (NaPoWriMo #9)

Superheroes reimagined in film noir style

Art by Marko Manev in his series of Superheroes Reimagined in Film Noir Style

Grinding the butt of his cigarette into the ledge
Sam leans over his hands
Surveying the grim alley below
Exhales a last stream of grey smoke over the edge
Artificial light arises from the lands
Yet buildings lie engulfed in shadow
From somewhere ahead, something stirs in the air
A beacon’s bat in the sky takes flight
As quickly as it appeared, the figure leapt out of sight
A caped silhouette – he couldn’t believe it, he wouldn’t dare!
But Sam knew he indeed had seen the Dark Knight
Guardian of a half sleeping city at night

I was initially going to write about the mystery of a carpet stain for today’s film noir inspired prompt, but this picture was too awesome. So I came up with bystander Sam catching a glimpse of (dunna-dunna-dunna-dunna…) Batman, instead!

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11 responses to ““Noir” Knight Sighting (NaPoWriMo #9)

  1. twoscamps

    ah yes, the dark knight rises!

  2. ~LD

    tiniest of typos in line 6: lay (really lie, but you know, the teach is off duty). I love the classic “Sam”, and that you roped the Dark Knight in for this one! What fun to read! Ever notice how the gumshoe is always a terrible smoker? Mine, too. ‘-)

    • Thanks for the correction! I actually meant to write ‘lay’ could I not use that as well?

      • ~LD

        the rule I know best is that we lay things down (an object receives the action) and we lie down (as an action in itself). This might be a good time to look up the rule ‘-) Me, too, as it turns out. Ha. (I just thought of “now I lay me down to sleep…”) Yup, a look up is in order.

  3. This is so awesome! You captured Batman perfectly!

  4. Lovely! I felt I was watching a little scene from one of the movies. 🙂

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