Rainy Driving at the End of the Day: Ottava Rima (NaPoWriMo #8)

René Wiley  -  Reflections in The Alley, 2012

Painting by René Wiley – Reflections in The Alley, 2012

Raindrops splatter on the windshield, sky’s tears
Speeding wheels on wet pavement, heard through glass
The yawning of the sun means cold still nears
Winter clings to twilight, makes its reign last
A small storm assembles, until it clears,
We watch its feat, waiting for it to pass
Step out the car to a warm sunshine feel
Or misty air wafting a home cooked meal


“You can’t always get what you want. but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.” -Mick Jagger


Let me just say, I love thunderstorms. And lightning. Even in the gloomiest of days, if you look hard enough, there are little sparks, however fleeting, that can make you smile.

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11 responses to “Rainy Driving at the End of the Day: Ottava Rima (NaPoWriMo #8)

  1. Ya, thunderstorms are the best. I even like rainy days… but not cold rainy days. Those are the miserable kind.

  2. There’s a clearness in the air after the rain has passed and the picture captures it beautifully.

  3. Nice. I like that last line.

  4. this felt like “warm rain” and with being in a car in that weather just felt right, a window half down and moist air filling the lungs……well thats the sensation i got reading this, perfect penning my friend 🙂


  5. This is so beautiful. The range of colour and shape in this painting is perfection.

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