Messy Rooms and Bike Rides (NaPoWriMo #5)

Photo by Yoshiko Kato

Books, bags, slippers,
Sprawled and scattered on floor
Sight unfit for eyes of guests, but
It’s home.


Breezy, fun
Rolling, gliding, whizzing
Downhill with no pedals


I remember learning how to write a cinquain in elementary school, but not the kind described on the NaPoWriMo website. So I tried my hand at the original American cinquain and the more ‘juvenile’ didactic cinquain. The first is syllabic, the second counts words; they were fun to think up so I wrote two today.

Thanks for reading,


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11 responses to “Messy Rooms and Bike Rides (NaPoWriMo #5)

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  2. Both of these poems are wonderful and whimsical. I’ve never been much of a bike rider, but I could almost feel the wind in my hair as I read your poem. And the first one, about the messy room, made me smile. I thought of my room as a kid … and of the way my daughter’s room is such a disaster zone now. But, yes … very much “home”. Great job!

  3. ~LD

    The second piece reminded me of biking on hills, no hands and as you say, no pedals — Perfect!

    • It’s funny because I that is exactly the scene I pictured when writing this, but there weren’t enough lines to say both no hands and no pedals! Thanks for leaving me your thoughts 🙂

  4. I love both these poems. They’re really good and fun to read. Nice work.

  5. I enjoyed your description of biking. It reminds me of a couple of big hills I had growing up. Now, I live in an area that’s completely flat. Downhill just has no reality anymore! Thanks for the memories.

  6. twoscamps

    Your poems bring back happy memories for me on my bike… it felt like flying. And as to a messy room? I understand how that feels like home. Some of us are just messy but that’s ok! 🙂

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