2013, Let’s Go: Some holiday afterthoughts

It’s January, the awkward month of transition between celebrating and lounging around to getting back on your feet to catch up with a schedule again. When the long awaited winter wonderland of snow  goes from this:

Here we go again

To this:

Ah, the beauty of city snow. Maybe part of it is psychological as there is not much to look forward to anymore – just the rest of the long,  not-so-cold-but-wet winter up ahead. I miss the holiday music playing on the radio, bustling streets full of people searching for goodies, and just all the smiles of having time to spend the way we wanted. This year, we were lucky to visit Ottawa and had a great time visiting family and friends. I suppose the ending of the season makes it that much more special. Until next year, it is currently still a time of reminiscence for me:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

On a bright note, we survived the apocalypse – despite the scary coincidence of New York flooding just like in the movie 2012 – and society can continue stumbling along trying to find the meaning of life. Part of my New Year’s resolution is to blog every other day… starting today.

It is good to go back to school, dance, and be back with friends but I cannot say that I have the same enjoyment for deadlines and assignments yet. There’s something satisfying about getting back to being active and productive, our minds, bodies, and tummies just can’t handle it yet.

The rhythm will come back soon I’m sure, and in the mean time, do the world a favour and wear some bright colours to cheer up the grey of post-holiday depression. Happy weekend and belated New Year!


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