Why ballet? My answer in prose.

Who asked you to train so hard to be able
to stand in turn-out by changing the natural
way our bodies are supposed to function?

Why choose to end up being exhausted,
with sore muscles, and battered up feet
at the end of the day?

How to continue your journey when many
people not part of your world don’t understand what you do
though they think they do, and base their judgment
and words on what they think wrongly

What makes you want to spend years on
the same old thing just to try to perfect
technique that cannot ever be fully perfected?

How to go through all the sweat and
tears, to get to the dream that you know
many other people around the world have

Who came up with the idea to make
something very apparently not easy, seem
effortless in front of the outsiders?

In short, why do all this hard work just to
dance; an occupation that is hardly long-lasting
or considered well paying?

Because, it is something you love to do.
Your passion.

Something that makes you
happy; something that you want to do in
your life because it completes it.

Because you can feel free and be yourself in as
many expressions possible.

Simply, because it is who you are.

And we remember this:
“If ballet were easy, they’d call it football.”

Rediscovered and republished from 2009


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20 responses to “Why ballet? My answer in prose.

  1. Cassie

    cutie I love this ❤

  2. It’s weird – I don’t know why I always wanted to take ballet, I just did. I have been on the stage before, but the feeling was totally different when I was dancing on it. I felt excited and proud. Indescribable exhilaration . I can’t wait to get on stag and perform again.

  3. That quote was good! 🙂

    ..But I’m still a football fan! 😀

    Hope ya do well in ballet dancing! 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on thebookybunhead and commented:

    Sometimes I forget, and I need to remind myself.

  5. Just came across this-it’s like you know me! It’s a great reminder of why I do this beatiful artform called dance. Thanks for this:)

  6. Your last lines ❤ It's really nice to have a passion about something, something that you're dedicated to and love to do 🙂

  7. I’ve been converted to ballet after going to my daughter’s first concert two years ago. Well, I haven’t been greatly converted because I haven’t taken her to the big ballet yet but your blog has reminded me to do so. I have seen the excitement as the bigger girls try on their point shoes for the first time and it was magic. You have done well to pursue this. xx Rowena

  8. Reblogged this on The Blogging Pot and commented:
    My daughter has been doing ballet for three years. I had to count the end of year dance concert costumes which are have been filed at the top of my bedroom cupboard. There are three. I enjoyed this ballet post. xx Rowena

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