Seagulls in a Parking Lot: Poem

Barren asphalt stretch flat spotted with packs of white

Birds encircling like vultures for unwanted morsels,

Swooping down for some trash seen as food from the skies,

Proudly perched on high posts knowing all in its sight

Off dead gravelly ground screeches bounce through the air,

Suffocated with heat smug metal’s mocking glare.

Hundred rows of machines doomed externally dirty

Bombs dropped by majestic free fliers of the sea

Hungry beaks clever heads follow close and surround –

Where is a solution for this living pollution?

Waddling webbed feet betray their fries diet disguise

Picnic stealers loud screamers infest sky and ground

Wheels send snowy feathers in a flurry of flight;

Watch the gallant gulls soar burning sun in their eyes;

An unsettling message from accusing stares read

Think us pests but in the end you’re not unlike we.

Poem written in grade 9, 2010
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.



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